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Tired Incredible Plot Devices

Several movies and television shows that are considered to be great have implemented some tired old plot devices that break the movie’s threshold of credibility. Perhaps first, I should explain what I mean by threshold of credibility. Every show establishes … Continue reading

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Paid For Writing – Sorta

When writing e-mails at work, be aware that you are still writing. Recently, I put together an e-mail article to a friend of mine. (Yes, sometimes my e-mails are much more than simple messages and are, in fact, articles.)  This … Continue reading

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The Children of Húrin

About a hundred years ago, I read a short little book about a short little person who had a very big adventure.  The book was entitled The Hobbit, and it was written by someone with more than the usual number … Continue reading

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The Book of Eli

Watched this post-apocalyptic film last night.  Wasn’t exactly sure what to think of it.  Enjoyed the ride, but when it was over, I thought it felt kind of empty.  There were a few thrilling fight scenes, and the Belly of … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Ironic?

It bugs me that the English dictionary is descriptive and not prescriptive. And yet, people still treat it as if it were.  The phrase, “look it up” seems to trump a great many arguments.  In fact, to my knowledge, there … Continue reading

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My Hand At Poetry

I met a man the other day coming from the other way.In a voice that wasn’t nice, I tried to give him my advice.“Good sir,” said I to fix his plight, “the way you’re going isn’t right.”He smugly grinned and … Continue reading

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My Soliloquy – Part II

So I really have been pondering this soliloquy thing a lot.  It has been brought to my attention indirectly that a good, self-motivating soliloquy would be one that expresses gratitude for what I have and perhaps some self-praise. It is … Continue reading

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My Soliloquy

I like the idea of having a soliloquy that sort of defines me.  When I get discouraged or misguided, I can go stare at a wall somewhere and quote the soliloquy as if looking off-stage.  It’s a kind of cool … Continue reading

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John Truby on Genre

Just finished reading an article in Script Magazine that talked about the importance of genre in writing a movie script1. Since I always thought genre was just a setting, it really opened my eyes about how it can help the … Continue reading

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That Old Writing Bug

Friend of mine asked me to hold him accountable to his new year’s resolution of writing 1000 words per day, every day.  Can you believe I have a friend?  Anyway, it has me digging through all my old writing projects.  … Continue reading

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