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Paid For Writing – Sorta

When writing e-mails at work, be aware that you are still writing. Recently, I put together an e-mail article to a friend of mine. (Yes, sometimes my e-mails are much more than simple messages and are, in fact, articles.)  This … Continue reading

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Convict Muses

This past weekend, I had the great privilege of meeting and chatting with a man who spent 25 years of his life serving time for accessory to murder.  We talked mostly about his case and his re-acclimation to life when … Continue reading

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My Hand At Poetry

I met a man the other day coming from the other way.In a voice that wasn’t nice, I tried to give him my advice.“Good sir,” said I to fix his plight, “the way you’re going isn’t right.”He smugly grinned and … Continue reading

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TRON: Legacy – Yet Again

My previous to posts covering the movie TRON: Legacy may have been a bit unfair.[1][2] Having not yet digested the backlash of disappointment, I was eager to condemn its every facet. Now, having absorbed that crushing blow of having waited … Continue reading

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2, 4, 6, 8 Time for me to Provigilate

I think I found my soliloquy. It comes in a white pill dosed at 200mg twice daily. Its title is Provigil. Nine out of ten monkeys prefer it over cocaine. A few months ago, I quit taking it because I … Continue reading

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Eeyore Or Tigger

Just finished reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  It’s a good book containing good life lessions.  Read it if you get a chance. It will make you think, laugh, and cry. One particular chapter talks about how you get to … Continue reading

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My Soliloquy – Part II

So I really have been pondering this soliloquy thing a lot.  It has been brought to my attention indirectly that a good, self-motivating soliloquy would be one that expresses gratitude for what I have and perhaps some self-praise. It is … Continue reading

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My Soliloquy

I like the idea of having a soliloquy that sort of defines me.  When I get discouraged or misguided, I can go stare at a wall somewhere and quote the soliloquy as if looking off-stage.  It’s a kind of cool … Continue reading

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It’s really good advice.  The derivation of the word seems to indicate that it means to feel sorrow or regret.  However, there are places in literature where the Greek word metanoeite has been translated to English as repent. However, metanoeite indicates a … Continue reading

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