TRON: Legacy – Yet Again

My previous to posts covering the movie TRON: Legacy may have been a bit unfair.[1][2] Having not yet digested the backlash of disappointment, I was eager to condemn its every facet. Now, having absorbed that crushing blow of having waited 20+ years for a sequel only to be let down, I’ve decided to append to my observations of the movie’s religious references.

It wasn’t necessarily complete sacrilege.


The first movie revealed the inner world of Encom‘s network and the programs that lived there. They were bound by the Master Control Program.  Flynn’s arrival from the realm of the creators mirrored the story of Christ coming into our world.  He broke the power of Satan (MCP) and returned to Heaven. Great story.  A story most of us not only know and love but love to see played out in allegories like TRON.

Given that, TRON: Legacy could reflect our world after Christ’s departure.  Flynn came back into the world and lived with the programs.  He had chosen special programs that he intended one day to take back with him.  The story centers around one remaining female variant of these marked programs.  Flynn has assigned himself as protector of her and has taught her about his world.  This could be taken as an allegorical reference the the Holy Spirit—that other comforter mentioned by Jesus upon His departure.

When Flynn’s son came into the world, things changed.  A young version of Flynn (CLU) gathered his forces for a final battle.  How similar is this to end-times when a false Christ will rise and deceive many? Does it also mirror the prophesied battle of Armageddon? Who knows? But it does show that the setting of the movie is not the first coming of Christ, but the second.

In the second coming, the Bible tells us that Christ will come and take His Bride away. His Bride will be pure. His bride will be chosen—marked. After the catching away of His Bride the church, God will bring final and permanent judgment to the world. (How and when depends a lot on your understanding of what is written.)

In the movie, that is exactly what happened.

I love the word obverse. I have flipped the coin labeled TRON: Legacy and seen its obverse. I have seen the Christian perspective that can be found in it. In my first reviews of the religious aspects of the movie, I saw the reverse.

It makes me wonder now, does every story have the seeds of both?

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