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World of Food Kraft

This morning, I had to stop and think for minute while I wolfed down some instant macaroni and cheese—that’s right—Mac & Cheese for breakfast. But that’s not the point. What had it taken to get this meal to me? Pasta … Continue reading

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Paid For Writing – Sorta

When writing e-mails at work, be aware that you are still writing. Recently, I put together an e-mail article to a friend of mine. (Yes, sometimes my e-mails are much more than simple messages and are, in fact, articles.)  This … Continue reading

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More Or Less Productive

Congratulations to me! I have a new iPhone 4 and have discovered the joy of being on the Internet any where I go. So, I thought I would try posting a blog entry from the phone. Three words: This is … Continue reading

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RuneScape Escape

If you don’t know about MMORPGs, you’ve probably been busy with real life.  In a nutshell, they are digital worlds in which thousands (millions for some) of people play simultaneously and there is generally no specific objective. If it sounds … Continue reading

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Netflix is on its way to becoming the vehicle that fulfills a prophecy I made many years ago.  “Someday,” I said, “we will be able to download movies and watch what we want when we want to.”  I’m sure I’m no … Continue reading

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