More Or Less Productive

Congratulations to me! I have a new iPhone 4 and have discovered the joy of being on the Internet any where I go. So, I thought I would try posting a blog entry from the phone. Three words: This is wack.

The problem is primarily this interface. Since it won’t turn landscape like most apps, I am reduced to typing this whole thing on a tiny keyboard (which, by the way, doesn’t have tactile feedback) with one finger.

It’s cool to be able to blog my thoughts from wherever I happen to find that I have free time. But, for now at least, I don’t think blogging this way is going to be a regular thing.

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  1. Stone Giant says:

    Fast forward three years. I still have that iPhone 4 and use it regularly. However, I am quite a bit more adept at typing. The first draft of this article was typed entirely on my iPhone 4 while hanging out at an Irish-American Pub. I used the pre-loaded Notes app, which allowed me to go to landscape mode and let my thumbs fly. I then mailed the note to a friend for review and comment and pasted the result into Word Press. The final article is the result of adding an image and making a few edits using a standard laptop.

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