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Culture Shock – Hospital iZation

Yesterday I spoke with a friend who had been to India for several weeks as part of a Rotary Club outreach.  She indicated that she had met a gentleman who had lost his family in a plane crash and subsequently … Continue reading

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Paid For Writing – Sorta

When writing e-mails at work, be aware that you are still writing. Recently, I put together an e-mail article to a friend of mine. (Yes, sometimes my e-mails are much more than simple messages and are, in fact, articles.)  This … Continue reading

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Advice to Computer Users

My cousin’s computer was recently infected by Koobface.  Her system is now down and unusable until we can find a trustworthy source for removing it. Some time ago, a company with which I worked was hacked through a phishing scam.  This … Continue reading

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