SQL Oriented

Profile: A perceptive, intelligent Software Engineer with a strong grasp of SQL databases and C# development.


Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, XML, Entity Framework, Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET, VBA, HTML, LINQ, Orchard, WordPress, Visual Source Safe, Subversion source control, TortoiseHg, TortoiseSVN, UML, Unix, C-Shell


Electric Software, LLC                                                                                                                      2009 – Present

Software Engineer / Customer Advocate                                                                                                             

  • Work with customer to define automation needs and system requirements
  • Reverse engineer and design new system databases
  • Develop, troubleshoot, and repair web database and client/server applications
  • Resolve customer issues across a variety of systems, platforms, and software
  • Project and team management
  • Projects included:
    • Designed and developed a reporting solution using C#.Net and SQL Server to generate reports from a third party client server application.
      • Reverse engineer SQL Server database to develop queries to get customer data from lightly documented database
      • Build tables, views, stored procedures, and timed jobs in SQL Server to consolidate month-end and customer service data
      • Work closely with customer to build several printable reports and secondary interfaces on top of the database using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Stored Procedures.
      • Designed and developed C# application to allow customer to organize customer routes in a way that better fit their business process.
      • Technologies: SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, C#.NET 2010, T-SQL
    • Support web interface for gathering demographic data from colleges
      • Reverse engineer SQL Server database and VB.NET application to debug and resolve problems reported by the customer.
      • Engineer and build VB.Net enhancements to the site
      • Build SQL queries to retrieve data stored as XML in SQL tables
      • Technologies: SQL Server, XML, VB.NET 2008, LINQ, C#, Entity Framework, Telerik controls, ASP.NET, HTML
    • §  Support certification tracking system
      • ·         Work closely with customer to understand requirements
      • ·         Used Visual Basic 6.0 and Access to code and make database changes or enhancements as needed.
      • Build reports in Access and queries in both Access and SQL Server to extract, analyze, and cleanse data.
      • Converted Visual Basic 6.0 library to C# library and built a C# application for importing and manipulating data from XML files to SQL Server.
      • Technologies: Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio 2010, C#
    • Technical lead on C#.NET web project to manage job applications on-line
      • Met with customer to determine system requirements.
      • Using UML and Entity Framework, designed object model and data model
      • Learned MVC on the fly, and implemented the C#.NET website using this technology.
      • Technologies: C#.NET, MVC, UML, Entity Framework, HTML, Linq
    • Spec’d, quoted, sold, designed, built, and installed shoe store inventory management system.
      • Specified and installed all hardware components including a specialized printer, touch screen display, blue-tooth bar code scanner, and the PC itself.
      • Using strict OO class constructs, coded the inventory management system with a touch-screen interface with team specified technology of   MS Access and VBA.
      • Developed screens using Access forms with a mind toward touch screen usage.
      • Implemented Code 128 bar code output for scanning inventory and locations using Access reports, VBA, and a third party font.
      • Technologies: Microsoft Access, VBA, Bar Code Scanner
    • Acted as Project Lead using MS Project for School network overhaul.
      • Coordinated the efforts of 3 other IT professionals involved in the complete review and update of a K-12 private school network having over 250 nodes servicing 600+ students.
      • Coordinated activities with customer to ensure that school summer sessions were not impacted.
      • Managed project budget and communication of change requests with the customer.
      • Participated in network design/whiteboard sessions with the experts.
      • Technologies: Microsoft Project


Pfizer, Inc.                                                                                                                                                      1995-2008

Senior Systems Analyst

  • Capture and document requirements and specifications for systems
  • Participate with team to develop and support applications for internal use within rigid SDLC control
  • Create deployment packages
  • Write and execute system test plans
  • Write and present documentation for systems
  • Desk-side support
  • Significant projects included:
    • Support and enhance fermentation data acquisition application using Access VBA and Oracle.
      • Combined several disparate database applications into a single application to take advantage of database synergies
      • Split data from Access, creating an Access front-end and an Oracle back-end.
      • Developed new functionality, working with customers to define requirements, building the system on the customer’s site and in the customer’s control room, built forms, modules, reports, SQL queries, and deployed.
      • Interact with customer to find new ways of managing a diversity of data to predict and eliminate nonconformance to process.
      • Ultimately converted front-end to Visual Basic 6 and deployed using Wise Installer.
      • Technologies: SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, VBA, VB 6, Wise Installer
    • Support and enhance computerized weighing system using a complex hybrid of MS Access, VBA, SQL Server, and Visual Basic.
      • Revise and maintain code to track data captured from scales
      • Assist with code that communicated with scales using Mettler/Toledo protocol.
      • General infrastructure support including installation of systems, RS-232 boards, scales, as well as working with Pfizer’s server management team to resolve issues caused by stretching the capabilities of Access.
      • Technologies: Microsoft Access, SQL Server, VBA, RS-232