My Soliloquy – Part II

So I really have been pondering this soliloquy thing a lot.  It has been brought to my attention indirectly that a good, self-motivating soliloquy would be one that expresses gratitude for what I have and perhaps some self-praise. It is amazing to me how difficult that really is.  My gratitude muscle really needs some development.

Emboldened by a recent, positive exercise in thankfulness, I’m making it a personal goal to actually come up with a thankfulness soliloquy.  I have some skill in writing haiku, rap lyrics, and other forms of useless poetry, so I may be able to hammer one out.  Shakespeare’s soliloquies seem neither to rhyme nor have any metered rhythm.  What a hack.  But still, they are cool.  So I think I want to model mine after his.

Two famous ones are Tomorrow and Tomorrow from Macbeth and To Be or Not To Be from Hamlet.  While a soliloquy (also known as an aside) appears to be a subset of the monologue, I don’t think I’m interested in monologues.  What good is a monologue if nobody is around to listen?

The TV mini-series Dune had several soliloquies in it.  I should explore that.  Lots of plays have these. I wonder if there are already some good ones on thankfulness?  Most seem centered around despair and death; worthy topics to be sure, but not likely to pull me onto the correct path.

While I was poking around, I found this.  Funny!

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