Tooth Fairy

Yep, I missed a day yesterday.  Got caught up in being busy going to the doctor, writing in my physical pen & paper journal, watched a movie, and got a haircut (yes, all of them).  Actually never took the time to blog anything.  I’m surprised nobody noticed.  Bwahhahahaha!!!

Oh man.  That was funny.

So was Tooth Fairy!  I actually laughed out loud at that movie.  Rent it. Watch it, but please, disengage your brain. Let it idle quietly while your emotions have a hearty laugh. The movie is fun, and it is meant to be fun.  It provokes heart-felt thought but not deep thought.  The story is standard fare for this kind of movie.  It’s funny to me that this movie exhibited some of the same story characteristics as TRON: Legacy, but I forgave them.  I guess there are different kinds of expectations.  I expected that Hollywood would screw up the TRON sequel and they didn’t disappoint me.  But, I expected more from the TRON: Legacy story than a template script with light emitting vehicles.

In the words of the Dread Pirate Roberts, I guess I’d “better get used to disappointment.”

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