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Parking Ticket Sends Man to Jail in Cadillac

Hard to believe isn’t it? That’s the story I got from a friend of mine.  He was riding in the car with his girlfriend in Cadillac, Michigan.  She was pulled over for speeding.  The police asked him for his ID.  … Continue reading

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TRON: Legacy (Part II) (Possible Spoilers)

Continuing my comparison of two TRONs… Social RelevanceWhen TRON aired, video game arcades were still everywhere. I went to them and hung out. I dropped quarters in my fair share of them.  The movie brought the games to life; it … Continue reading

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TRON: Legacy (Possible Spoilers)

This might take a couple of posts, but I wanted to outline a few of the things that I liked and disliked about TRON: Legacy. It bugs me that I really liked the first one and thought the second one was not worth … Continue reading

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Dr. Mr. Armstrong

From childhood I practically worshipped Neil Armstrong.  Yeah, I get that he was part of a team and couldn’t have done what he did without the backing of thousands of other individuals and millions of dollars of tax payer money.  But … Continue reading

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John Truby on Genre

Just finished reading an article in Script Magazine that talked about the importance of genre in writing a movie script1. Since I always thought genre was just a setting, it really opened my eyes about how it can help the … Continue reading

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That Old Writing Bug

Friend of mine asked me to hold him accountable to his new year’s resolution of writing 1000 words per day, every day.  Can you believe I have a friend?  Anyway, it has me digging through all my old writing projects.  … Continue reading

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It’s really good advice.  The derivation of the word seems to indicate that it means to feel sorrow or regret.  However, there are places in literature where the Greek word metanoeite has been translated to English as repent. However, metanoeite indicates a … Continue reading

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Ah Chooo

So sick of sneezing, running nose, itchy-watery eyes. Like you care.

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Happy New Year

Yeah, Whatever.  Like you have time to read my blog posts. Hope this year is better for you than last year’s was.

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Working for Yawn Employer

When I think about looking for a job, I get tired. I’m frustrated by this. Working at home doesn’t seem to help. Feeling smart but lazy today.

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