Parking Ticket Sends Man to Jail in Cadillac

Hard to believe isn’t it? That’s the story I got from a friend of mine.  He was riding in the car with his girlfriend in Cadillac, Michigan.  She was pulled over for speeding.  The police asked him for his ID.  (To me, this is a problem. He had committed no infraction. How many times do they ask the passenger for the their papers?)  When the police checked, they found that his home city had a warrant out for his arrest.  The reason? He had an unpaid parking ticket.

The good police of Cadillac decided to throw my friend in jail for the day. The plan was that an officer was going to drive from my friend’s home town to Cadillac in order to extradite him.  That’s a five hour round trip.  Fortunately, my friend was able to arrange to have the ticket paid by a friend while he waited behind bars in Cadillac.  He spent the day there instead of going boating as he had planned.

According to Neighborhood Scout, Cadillac has a crime index of 15.  A crime index of 100 is the safest.  My friend’s home town also has a crime index of 15. The neighboring town has a crime index of eight.  Maybe the problem is because the priority is on unpaid parking tickets, especially when it’s going to cost a five hour trip to make sure the guy arrives in order to pay the ticket.

Somebody needs to re-evaluate priorities.  But, hey, who cares?  I scream into the storm. My voice is lost in the howling madness.

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  1. Stone Giant says:

    For comparison, I checked Neighborhood Scout for crime rates in Compton, CA. The worst neighborhood in Compton has a crime rate of 10. Remember, 100 is safest.

    I’ll bet they have a serious parking ticket threat in Compton too.

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